Quippo Auctions is among the top asset disposal company, established in operationing PAN India. We help our clients (which are usually infrastructure companies, rental companies, contractors, banks and NBFCs etc.) in disposal of their surplus fixed assets. The disposal of surplus assets help the firm in reduction of its carrying costs. Also, the money derived out of the disposal can be re-invested in business or market. We have major expertise in industrial and construction equipments as per our experience in this domain. We have many ways through which we dispose or sale the surplus assets of the company to other organizations or firms. We have excelled with our services in mainly industrial auctions of all sorts. With leading edge in IT services and technologies in India, we let our customers to sell or dispose their surplus assets more quickly and efficiently. We are among the very few companies who offer online auctions for industrial and construction equipments. We also conduct live auctions along with online auctions where buyers can bid with all the other live bids shown there. We have a very interactive and user friendly interface for online auctions. We have a dedicated team of marketing which look after to all the sales and auction activity. They are well experienced in managing and promoting it, in order to achieve best possible results.


With the Advancement in technology, there is new way to auction the goods of any company or enterprise called E–Auction. There are very few companies which conduct E–auctions using internet, where people can bid for the items online. Quippo Auctions is one such portal which has promoted and pioneered the concept of E auctions. We conduct auctions for a diverse range of items but we have excelled and then focused basically on Used Construction Equipments and other assets over the internet which is called E-Auctions. Online auction is a relatively new concept which emerged in recent years. This is a totally web based event which auctions the used assets and equipments to the related companies. Quippo Auctions, keeping the users in mind, has developed a friendly interface for the buyers to bid for the auction products. Online Auctions are very effective in attracting buyers from all across the globe.

Sale Mela

Sale Mela is also one of the unique disposal mechanism practiced by Quippo Auctions. In this we encourage buyers to come up with their own bids individually. This way we are able to get the real market value of the product lot.

Private Treaty Sales

Private Treaty sale, also known as “Negotiated sale” in the industry, is another method of disposal apart from live and online auctions. Using this method, we dispose individual assets, productions lines or entire facilities of all sorts in the market. This form of sale is conducted after proper discussion and negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Quippo Auctions facilitates and manages all the processes that come in their way. It is a long term process with niche market and buyers. This method is opted for selling the assets with high value and specialized functions. A buyer is always satisfied in this form of sale due to the longer time frame because buyer gets enough time for detailed inspection of the assets.

Live Auctions

Live Auction is a widely known and traditional way to disposal of surplus assets. A live auction is conducted on a venue where people come and bid for the items in the auction. It has an auctioneer at a particular venue where the auction is conducted. Live auction is preferable where one has a strong local marketplace or in industries where auctions are often conducted. There are many more key points which are to be considered during a live auction.

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